How I Wrote and Self-Published a Book While Working a 9-5


I thought I was losing it, as I took a deep breath and surveyed my out of control classroom.  I said in a loud voice, “You have five seconds to take your seat!”  Only half of the students stopped screaming, the others disregarded their novice teacher. As I began to count down to one starting at five, I thought to myself, I love my students but being in the classroom is not for me. A couple paper balls flew across the room like one of those scenes in a movie. I ignored it. Every encounter wasn’t meant to be fought, a wise teacher knows to choose her battles wisely. These precious students had a test to take, I didn’t have time to argue.

I went home and had to figure out a way to help the next generation without being in the classroom. Being admitted to the psychiatric ward was not a goal of mine, so I knew I wouldn’t be teaching for long. It is quite mature to realize a certain career field is not for you.  It was during this time I switched to a career in staffing and began to write my first book.

I already had a successful blog titled, “Here I Gab Again” and after it hit 10,000 views I knew I was dishing out positive love and dating advice millennials desired. I had one goal, to empower my generation and the next, to have healthy relationships. Success in love and relationships can create achievement in every other area of our lives.

Writing and self-publishing a book by the end of 2016 became my goal. Many people ask me what steps did I take to complete my written work, here are my tips.

·        Maxime Your Time

With a busy schedule, I had to make time to write the book. I’d wake up at 5am before work to write, stay up late at night to proof read and even utilized my lunch break to squeeze in writing time. On the weekends, I’d lock myself in the house to work and minimized my social outings until certain task were done.

·        Research

Google and YouTube were my best friend in the early stages of writing my book. I learned how to copyright, self-publish, and budget expenses based on online help.

·        Create a Timeline Map

 I sat down and wrote in a notebook everything I needed to accomplish in order to self-publish my book. I set weekly and monthly goals because checklist are life savers.  Start with a list of things you can do in 24hrs, then compile a list of task you could accomplish in a week, then set monthly goals.

·        Save Up

Self -Publishing can be costly. Find inventive ways to fundraise or budget your paycheck to fund your product.

·        Create a Team

You need a photographer, promotion, cover designer, editor and proof readers.

·        Don’t give up

The process can get tedious and tiring but it is so worth it when your product is done.

I once heard a man say, "The most important job you have is the one you have right now!" Give your all at your current job and develop great skills that will propel you into your future. Yet, utilize the other 128 hours outside of your 40 hour work week to accomplish your dreams, if you are not already in your dream career. You are capable of being great at many things. Your goal may not be to write a book but whatever your dream accomplishment is, go for it. Don't let anything get in your way.

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