#RobsProb and How YOU Can Evade Being Played

#RobsProb and How YOU Can Evade Being Played

I think everyone has probably been played once in their lifetime. Some get played WAY worse than others but I’m sure everyone has gone through a heart break or two. That’s life. Normal people dust themselves off, charge it to the game and move one. I remember when I used to tell my guy friends I don’t get played. I felt like I hung around the guys enough to know the game….until I got played (ahaha). The only thing that made me feel better was I didn’t have sex with the guy so I felt like I had a small victory. #Petty

This Rob&Chyna drama was entertaining and sad at the same time. We all saw it coming. They were dysfunctional from the beginning and totally a representation of the lavish, overzealous, dramatic love lives of celebrities. It was entertaining because the way their relationship played out was so surreal yet, it was also very depressing. We watched a man who constantly failed at love, pour his heart out on national television as if he had finally found the one, only to get his heart smashed into pieces. Then, he lashes out in the most disrespectful way against the mother of his child. That’s disappointing. Yet, what can you and I, the #regularschmegulars (thanks Cardi) of the world, learn from Rob&Chynas crazy love life.

Don’t get played.

Often times we hear about women getting cheated on and how heartbroken she is after being disrespected but this time a woman did all the playing. I mean she played this man like the master player con-artist. For some its vindication. Women are usually the one lashing out on social media after being cheated on, this time it was a man. He didn’t do what most guys do, start hanging with attractive women and partying the pain away, he showed us the hurt we usually don’t get to see from men. He showed us his pain via his outlandish, messy social media!

Where he went wrong….

1.      He loved the esthetic, he was blinded by her looks. My advice is to fall in love with substance not only with what is appealing to your eyes. Substance last, when looks will eventually fade that’s common sense.

2.      He went too fast. Start slow and steady in a relationship, when you speed into a relationship it almost always crashes and burns.

3.      Pray about it, I bet he didn’t even ask God if she was the one ..lol

4.      Start with a foundation other than sex (ladies and gentleman) . Sex clouds judgement, duh.

5.      He posted too soon. I think in the age of social media its best to keep some of your love life private. Social ‘medialites’ are often loud and wrong so keep the masses out of your relationship.

Where she went wrong…..

1.      Men are already afraid of gold diggers , homegirl out here having men build their guards up against women (haha). Men don’t start acting annoying because of this crazy story. Spoil the lady you love, you know when you have an appreciative woman who is worth giving the world to. Give her the world she’ll give it back to you.

2.      Instead of finding herself and building her self-esteem up she belittled a vulnerable man and broke him down for material things. This is wrong. People you reap what you sow, start treating people the way you want to be treated.

3.      Having material things was worth more that preserving someone’s heart.  I am a firm believer that everyone you meet is valuable and important. Rob was a ploy in Chyna’s scheme. I am sure neither one was perfect but it’s obvious he was used and he definitely let her.  

I believe every encounter God leads you to with a person is for a reason, season, or lifetime. Everyone is not a lifer, so don’t be mad if you have to let someone go but choose to learn your lesson and move on peacefully. Ephesians 4: 2 Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love. 3 Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace.

Anyway…keep hope alive, be an example of love in a world where it’s hard to see pure love televised. Be good and do good. Keep being a respectable person and trust God that he’ll make sure a reputable person finds you!  No relationship is perfect, it takes lots of sacrifice and forgiveness but as long mutual respect is there and you’re growing as a person you are doing alright.


Don’t give up on love and hey, learn from these celebs mistakes lol!