When Someone Tells You Who They Are Believe Them

I love my man and he loves me. Yet, the hardest lesson I’ve ever learned is when your significant other reveals to you who they are believe them.

Normally, we hear this in a negative context. I want you to think about that quote from a different perspective. When anyone you love, your significant other, friend, or family member reveals to you who they are and it is not a perfect picture, accept it.

As crazy as it may seem, in a world that loves to cut people off as soon as we are offended, we are called by God to love people through their imperfections. After all, are you perfect? Have you ever made a mistake, an error in judgment and needed forgiveness? We all have been in need of unrelenting love. If you understand you have a purpose in someone’s life and they have a purpose in yours, your love can not be situational.  No human is perfect and if God loves us despite our faults shouldn’t we love others with the same longsuffering.

If someone is using you, taking you for granted, and abusing your love LET THEM GO. We also all have non-negotiables. Those rules that if someone we encounter breaks, we can then choose to love them from a distance.  Boundaries for self-preservation and peace of mind are okay and healthy. I am speaking on being patient with a person who may not meet your expectations at times but deserve second chances. A lover or a family member who may have good intent but are growing at a slower pace than you. They deserve forbearance.  Some people aren’t at the same spiritual level you are. How prideful to judge them for being where you once were. Have compassion, growth takes time. God calls us to be patient, kind, and prayerful for those around us because in the end we are blessed for loving Gods creation unabashedly.

 I read an article the other day that said the leading factor is divorce is unmet expectations.  

This touched me.

I place so much expectation on myself and others that I forget I could very well be imposing mandates on others I have no right to.  Communicate your needs and wants out of a relationship but leave much room for development, improvising and healthy compromise. Time and experience will show you, love is more than a feeling it is a choice. You decide to persevere, remain long-suffering, patient, forgiving and most of all in love with a person. People don't fall out of love, they take constant steps backwards away from it.

Keep Walking in love.

Choose to love even if people judge you for it or disagree. Love is eternal, it changes lives, builds people up, and gives hope.  Today, when people show me who they are I believe them. I don’t try to change them and make them more appealing to my wants and needs. I love them like Christ loves me. This is called sacrifice. Its not always comfortable but its worth it and right. I am determined to receive everlasting love and to give it as well.

I john 4:16 And so we know and rely on the love God has for us. God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in them.




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