Women Need Loyalty Too

I saw a meme that basically described how women desire a 'ride or die' man just as much as men love to keep around a 'ride or die' chick.  It’s funny because our society just assumes that ladies should be loyal but men aren't necessarily held to that standard.

Look at Remy Ma and Papoose's relationship, for the first time in a long time the media paraded a man who literally stood by his woman under the craziest circumstances. He waited for her faithfully, until she was released from jail and then hypes her career up even after she is out. The love was unconditional. I loved this because, women need loyalty too.

When I brought this up to my guy friends they agreed, women deserve equal love and loyalty. Most of us desire this out of our relationships but there was another side to this topic that was mentioned. The guys complained that women aren’t what they used to be. They don’t bring much to the table anymore, they don’t fight for their good man, and act so entitled. This may be partially true but WHAT ABOUT YOU MEN??? Yes, some of the ladies truly have let their standards WAYYY down. Yet, what’s also true is many notice the naked girl’s on IG ya’ll trip over and think that’s what you like. Those IG models that many of you say can’t cook, have no real career but has the fat butt you double tap on the gram constantly. Some ladies see that attention and think that’s what you guys want, forgetting that who you like on Instagram and who you take home to mom are often two different type of women.

Anyway, the guys felt women are just not loyal these days. (I disagree I think women are too loyal to a fault. I won’t argue that point though.) Maybe we are all fed up and started giving the men a taste of their own medicine, idk. I do question, with all of this commentary on how women have dropped the ball, did these guys evaluate if they truly presented themselves as one for women to be loyal to? Do you go above and beyond for your lady, fellas? We are proud of you when you’re faithful but let’s be honest that’s simply the right thing to do, so, it’s the bare minimum. Above and beyond, is making sure your girl feels secure, communicating, spoiling her and treating her as if she was irreplaceable. When a man does this, it gets him ALL OF THE LOYALTY IN THE WORLD. A little appreciation goes a long way.  Neglecting your woman and acting complacent leaves room for another man to do ALL of those things you won’t do. Women while we are casually dating (this is not for married folks) we don’t owe loyalty to anyone who does not serve our best interest spiritually, mentally, and physically.

You are allowed to leave who and what’s not working for you.

Before I share this analogy I must share that I am not diminishing women to mere property, but does a person move into a home, take its time and space up without first putting a down payment on it? What takes a residence off of the market? A contract and a payment. Why do we as women, who are way more valuable than property accept way less from men? Stop taking yourself off of the market if no down payment into your well-being is made. We allow men to take up our time and space without doing simple things like courting us and building us up. They offer lack luster treatment and think they deserve the world! Stop cooking and cleaning for a man who is just a prospect. I heard a guy say, “ Why even take women on dates anymore? They will sleep with us anyway whether we take them out or not.” Do you see what the world has come to? Women have made it so easy, some men don’t see the point of putting in work anymore.

MAKE THESE MEN WORK. Are diamonds easy to come by? No, they take hard work and dedication to find. Are pebbles and rocks easy to find? Yes, there are plenty and they are way less valuable. Be a diamond not a rock. Then, when you find your good man, he’ll notice you rarity and treat you as such. Ride for him until the wheels fall off. Men, step your game up. You were made to be great, it is inside of you. A good woman will bring it out of you, make sure you look for her in real life and not for surface level beauty on social media. When you find that good woman be like former President Obama when he talks about former First Lady Michelle. He is one the most powerful, influential men in the world but when he starts talking about Michelle his love and loyalty for her is so real it overshadows anything political he was even talking about.

Men love loyalty, they need it and a good man deserves it! ….So do we.

Women need loyalty too <3

1 Corinthians 16:13-14

Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong. Let all that you do be done in love.