Holiday Love Affair

No, I didn’t cheat. I simply had a conversation, and after our talk I was confused. My coworkers and I take numerous breaks throughout our day to chat about life, love, and whatever the heck else in going on in this crazy world. On this particular day, I didn’t want to talk anymore because a comment made by one of my colleagues struck a nerve and my solid foundation I thought I had in my happy relationship was a little shaken.

 In-between the countless phone calls in our office and solving numerous issues for people in a day, our life talks, are a great Interjection into our hectic day. One thing we never run out of energy talking about is the men in our lives. Typical of a group of young women in an office, huh?  Yet, this particular day at work, I didn’t want to talk about relationships. It was brought to my attention, by a consensus of three to 1 that I was way too trusting in my relationship. This disturbed me.

How did we get to this conclusion? During our chat, I made a comment about a behavior I wasn’t alarmed by in my boyfriend. I mean, I am very secure and is that to a fault? For example; He can have female friends and I would never dictate that because I have plenty of close male friends that he would never need to question me about. After we concluded that every relationship is different and what I will put up with they may not, and what they put up with I might never accept it in a partner, we moved on.

We moved on the in the conversation, but in my mind I was still stirring? I said to myself, “should I question him more”, “Am I naive?”  I truly wondered, why do I give him so much trust?  I honestly felt he deserved it. All men really want, is loyalty from their woman and all we really want is to be loved and to have trust. Jumping to conclusions and causing unnecessary confusion without reason are not actions rooted in loyalty. My first test in this came soon after my conversation with my coworkers. I noticed something, and without jumping to conclusions asked my boyfriend the simple questions, “Who is that , why do they like your pictures on IG all the time?….blah blah.”   We didn’t argue, I got the answers I needed and didn’t bring it up again. This was an opportunity for me to act insecure and lash out, I didn’t. This was the mature and healthy way of handling things in my opinion.

Why did I handle this situation this way? Well…

I had a realization that day, that once again reaffirmed my foundation and gave me consolation.

The level at which you love and respect yourself is the level of love and respect you’ll give others.

I can love, trust , and respect him because I love, trust, and respect myself.

I also realized ….

People can and will sometimes fail you but don’t live your life expecting the worse all the time. This makes life hard, that’s such a negative outlook. I always assume the best possible outcome then allow myself to be surprised if the worst happens.  In most cases good does come out of my experiences. If a situation occurs that’s negative, I choose to believe God will work it out for me.

This isn’t always easy but it’s possible to be positive and let God love on you with good people and good occurrences happening in your life.

I listen to this Holy Spirit and his leading always. He gives confidence thats grounded in him and what he can do. My faith is never wrapped up in man and humans actions. He gives me discernment into people who are around me and through the word gives me insight on how to handle others and the situations that come my way.

You can do the same.  So, with Christmas coming up and December being coined of the worst months for people dealing with issues and depression, I CHARGE YOU TO HAVE A HOLIDAY LOVE AFFAIR.

This love affair should be with yourself. Let God tell you how he has made you wonderful and worth dying for in his eyes. You and God, fall in love all over again. Take the time to build yourself up in the word and in his love. Learn to love again! Love yourself, those around you and most of all your wonderful God!




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