Christmas Crush

I am so frustrated with my fellow ‘sistahs’ these days. Ladies, what are we doing? This weekend I heard numerous stories about beautiful women in good relationships who ruined things with their man over stupidity. I know men mess things up all the time, but I am not talking to them today, its time for a mirror check. Ladies, you need love, you desire love, right? So why choke the life out of your relationship if it has potential to foster great love? Hear me out, if your man is lying, cheating, stealing, belittling you or just not someone you feel you could build a life with LEAVE! If God tells you he is not the one, LEAVE.  

Yet, if he’s a good man, consistent, wants you, and has a willing heart, take the time to give the nice guy a chance.

In one relationship a young lady broke up with her man over a petty fight yet. She forgot how he was helping pay the bills, growing in his spiritual walk and even getting things in order to marry her!  After one fight, she forgot all about his history of good and got caught up in the one bad scenario.  Even the best couples have arguments sometimes, you will have opposing views. That doesn’t mean give up. It’s hard out here to really find a great partner… work on it, if it’s worth it. In another situation a young lady told her man she didn’t want to get engaged because of personal emotional barriers she had. She just couldn’t accept something so good happening to her. Her past heartbreaks and failed relationships clouded her judgment because she chose to harbor past occurrences instead of let them go. Don’t do this, forgiveness and moving on benefits you. Another lady became pregnant before marriage and the guilt was too great to for her to bare. She felt like she didn’t deserve a happy relationship because of her mistakes. God is not surprised, his grace is sufficient and he works everything for our good. We’ve got to allow him to help us make things right.

Love for yourself and others is Gods design. He created us with love in mind. Family, godly marriages, and children are all part of his plan. So, how can you remove yourself out of the way and let a good love find you? Get real and get out of Gods way. Let him write your love story.

If you are someone falling into the trap of looking for a Mr. Perfect or some Cinderella story let me tell you that’s outrageous. No one is perfect, you won’t ever find perfection in another human being. What is possible, is finding the best match for you, not a “perfect person”. Jesus was the only perfect man walking on earth, HE IS GOD.  He is a divine being and if you feel like that he is the only man that should be present in your life, that’s fine too. The gift of singleness is scriptural. Hey, you want to be a nun, they are well respected by all means go for it lolJ. Yet, if you’re reading this I am almost positive you feel that God will give you the gift of marriage one day and in the future you will find yourself in a happy loving relationship. So soften your heart and let a good love happen to you! Let God love you first then you will be capable to love another.

This holiday season I want you to focus on your, Christmas C.R.U.S.H.

This Christmas I encourage you to:

Care – for your significant other, give unwarranted appreciation.

Rely- It is ok to exchange power, let your man lead and tend to you. Let go of pride.

Understand- Listen to understand not to respond. Don’t communicate with a one-sided view.

Stay- Don’t practice divorce by leaving every time it’s hard, practice long suffering. Learn how to stay.

Hear-You don’t always have pick at your man’s faults and complain

These four simple keys will help profoundly in building a great foundation and working through issues in your relationship. Ladies lets practice this! Changes don’t happen overnight so get to work.


Happy Loving, XO



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