How to Love Yourself

My biggest issue with society today, well with women in society today is their lack of self-love and the extreme presence of low self-esteem. I get so mad when I am hanging with the guys and they say, “Yeah I did her wrong, but she will always come running when I call.” They make these statements about women they’ve dated, women they know they’ve got on a yoyo string. They throw these type of women away when they're done using them, then string them along right back into their arms when they get bored. When they find a girl more interesting, they throw them back into the sea of single-hood broken and bitter. These girls who are “yo-yoed” refuse to move on, declining to see the truth about the man their addicted to. We sit in with our friends, on reality TV, its in the music and its sickening to me! These women don’t love themselves enough to move on. No one told them when they were growing up how a man should treat them! No one told them they were beautiful and precious! Many never saw a healthy relationship so they settle. Why do we do that ladies? If we know a man is doing us wrong why do we stay? Why don’t we love ourselves enough to demand better?
Answer #1 Lack of self-worth
If you don’t know your worth you will sell yourself short in everything. On the job, in a relationship, with your dreams, you will never demand what you deserve from yourself or others if you have no understanding of what you’re worth. Yet, you won’t know your worth if you lack a relationship with God. The creator is the only one that can tell you how valuable you are. Valuable enough to die for. When you read the scriptures the inspired word of God you learn how precious he sees you and his directions are for your benefit not for your oppression. Seek him and in essence you will be seeking your true self. How powerful is that? You’ll find out you’re a force to be reckoned with through Christ strength!
Answer #2 Impatience
We all know anything worth having is worth working and waiting for. Remember when we were kids and we couldn’t wait for dinner time? Our moms would say be patient it’s almost ready. When the meal was done it was so satisfying and you realize it was so worth the wait. I like to look at dating in this way. The best relationship is not quick and easy like a frozen dinner, it’s the tasty slow cooked meal.
Answer #3 Fear
When we don’t love ourselves or don’t realize the fathers love for us, (which his perfect love CAST OUT FEAR… ) when we don’t rest in his love and we allow fear to consume us we make wrong decisions. We fear that we won’t ever find a love worth having, because we think we don’t deserve it. YOU DESERVE A GREAT LOVE. Welcome it to come to you! Don’t fear that what you have is all you’ll ever get. In my life the men who I cut off and try to come back, if I realize they aren’t worth a second chance I don't give them one. I don’t fear that they will be the last to pursue me. I trust that better is available and I will have it!
Answer #4 Follower
YOU ARE A DARN FOLLOWER. Your girls have boyfriends, everyone on TV has boyfriends, even your little sister has a man so you refuse to be the last one single. You settle so that you’re in the “in crowd” and not the third wheel anymore but the bad relationship you're staying in is killing you! This generation needs to learn to stand alone! I’m sick of people following fads to fit in. When I was younger I practiced being the odd ball because I never wanted to fall trap to peer pressure. I was made fun of and laughed at but the ones who laughed at me for being such a “pious”  Christian, inbox me for prayer today! They respect the fact that I never changed, I stood up for my faith and didn’t waiver even when it was hard.

MORAL OF THE STORY LOVE YOURSELF! REQUIRE MORE AND BETTER! Demand Respect!  How can someone else love you if you don't first love yourself?! Have a standard, DO NOT waiver. Listen to God. #theend

God loves you,