It Goes Down..

Everyone was talking about her. She was the proclaimed virgin who seemed to have lied about her oath to wait until marriage to have sex. On radio stations and TV shows she told everyone she was a virgin then unexpectedly she is caught on social media with a huge pregnant belly!

I wasn't shocked. I follow her on social media and saw the subtle changes. I just knew this girl was pregnant. What alarmed me was the commentary left under her photos, that followed her announcement.
I saw how the rest of the world looked in disbelief and made negative judgements of her.
They said she was a liar , slut, embarrassment and hypocrite. Some supported her. They told her to live her life , and told her to be proud but most of the comments we quite nasty.

I sympathized. That could've been me. I proclaim my goal of waiting until marriage all up on my blog. I preach about it, tweet about it and Facebook it lol! Moms tell their daughters to look up to me. That's pressure.What if I fell in this area? Would the world rip me apart too? What if she had every intent to wait but fell in love and messed up. I'm not saying that's a grand excuse I'm saying sometimes it happens.

I was unbothered by this for two reasons; one , who cares I have my own life to look after 😂 Two, she's human and not perfect ! How many times do we Christians and non Christians say we won't so something and do it anyway? Maybe for her it was she wouldn't have sex, maybe for you its you'd stop cursing people out yet, you keep failing !

Why? Because we all need Jesus and the holyspirits help in order to accomplish anything he ask us to do. Following the spirits leading, reading the word, praying and being around other believers are the intentional steps we take in order to promote our spiritual growth and do the right thing.

Now, it was only a year ago I was on the Steve Harvey show talking about why I am a virgin.
I took a vow at 13 and at 25 havn't changed my mind.. Listen to me, it's not easy. The older you get the more boundaries you need set for yourself and your partner in order to maintain your purity. If you ask God he will help you but you've got to do your part . It takes work but it's worth it. I've only lasted this long by Gods grace and the prayers of the righteous.
I want to be an example for others that God can keep you. People might judge you, talk about you and even pressure you about it but who cares. You're living your life for God and not for this world and the fickle people in it. You won't be giving an account to them judgment day , you will be giving it to God. I don't know about you but I want to go confidently and boldly to the throne of grace not timid and ashamed because I know I was doing wrong.

There are three things I want you to understand from this blog. One, do not judge.  We have no idea what's really going on in people's lives we just see outcomes and assume we know everything about them and how they got there. Don't do that.  Two, focus on your own life. What can you be approving upon? Instead of  scrutinizing others why not evaluate yourself and find a way to be a better. When you're better you inspire others and shine a  light in this evil world. Three, if God ask you to do something ask his holyspirit to help you and do it ! This race we run takes training. Train your flesh to submit to the holiness inside of you believer! !  Jesus didn't die for us to struggle our whole lives trying to please him. Once you accept Jesus you are pleasing to God spiritually so physically we need to get our actions to line up. Jesus gave us everything we need for good and godly living! It's possible to live right. YOU are capable of doing the right thing consistently.