Why Men Are the Best Things Walking Planet Earth

Hahaha.. How many women are upset after reading the title?

If you've been lied to, cheated on, broken up with, heartbroken, or embarrased by a guy, then you're probably looking at this post with disgust. Yet, if you are in love..like floating on a cloud in love,  your perception of the male species might be different. You might see strength, dignity, great looks, and other irresistable qualities. Your man might be the best thing walking planet earth.

As I sat thinking about what to post this week, I was stopped on the sidewalk by yet another male reader.  He proceeded with the usual, "I don't tell people I read your blog but I do, secretly. It's good." I laughed and said, "You don't know how many guys read and enjoy the blog 'in secret'." 

Yes, it caters to women but I love for men to read the blog..  it is for you too! I don't discriminate!

->So shout out to the fellas who read it ..this blog is for you.<-

 Men are awesome why?

The men in my life are great providers, this includes friends and family. I always have someone looking out for me and I appreciate that. If I have a flat, I call my dad. If I am hungry, I don't even have to call my best guy friends, they ask me first! If I need someone to vent to, I can call my brother, and if I need someone to celebrate an accomplishment I call my uncles. These men in my life rock! I may be single but I'm well taken care of. 

The man for me has large shoes to fill because I am definitely spoiled :)Being the queen of a fraternity didn't help..I am even more spoiled because I have been so blessed to have so much help and support through the years from amazing men who I now call family because of the bonds we've built through me being a title holder within their organization. I remember times I needed help moving out of my dorm in college, there would be awesome Alpha brothers waiting to carry my luggage to my car. That's just one out of the many times I was rescued in college by the "bruhs"...hahah!

Men are awesome why?

They are great leaders. (Not that women aren't) Men can galvanize a community to create change, take reign over their household, protect what is their prized possession, and can be great critical thinkers when it comes to combining ideas with women on things. (Lets be honest they need our help with a plethora of things.)


Men are even more AWESOME when they know how to treat a woman.
When they are chivalrous , caring, strong, and respectful we can't help but admire those qualities sometimes even more than good looks. When women hold themselves to high standards we can cause a great man to rise to the occasion and be the best he can be to us and to the world. Men can also bring out the best in us if they nurture the relationship enough. Women will give lots of loyalty, love, care, and respect if a man earns or shows he is worthy of it.

There are great men in the world who deserve to be acknowledged. Not all men are dogs, cheaters, liars, and deadbeats! Let's encourage the men. If you feel you're not treated correctly , ladies try something new. Hold yourself to higher standards and make these men work for you. You are worth it. Don't be easy because your lonely or impatient.

As far as the title of this blog men are cool. I wouldn't say they are the absolute best thing walking planet earth. I only wrote that to draw their attention... we know who really RULES THE WORLD and who's the best species walking planet earth..... lol!

We appreciate you GOOD men out there..Keep up the great work!


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