My wise mother once told me, "Gab if you go around giving your heart to different men and disrespect your body by sharing it with guys you casually date, it is like committing infidelity to the one you're suppose to spend your life with."

That was deep.

I always thought that men who cheat on their wives and women who are promiscuous throughout a committed relationship were examples of infidelity. I never thought about possibly cheating on the one I am suppose to spend my life with before we even meet. I mean let's be real, I don't even know him yet and I don't have a ring, so how could that be possible? When I am dating someone, I do not bare all of my heart or share all of my secrets because that is a level of intimacy in itself. It makes women especially, feel deeply connected to someone, which opens up a level of comfortability that can lead to a more physical intimacy in the long run.

So, what was my mother trying to tell me?

She was trying to explain to me that I should practice being a committed, faithful, integral women by reserving most relationship experiences for one man, the man I marry. This includes deep secrets, sex, excessive time, space, and energy.

I have carried her words very near to my heart in the confident expectation that me waiting will be worth my while. EVERY GREAT THINKER, INNOVATOR, MOVEMENT INITIATOR, had a moment of waiting. I mean yeah I'm talking about relationships, but every great thing takes some time. In this age of fast paced EVERYTHING, we don't like to wait for anything. That is why we rush to be rich, get married, start a business and then get so mad when we fail. Knowing that if we took the time to think, plan, and process we could've prevented our own downfall.

Sometimes I hate waiting. SO I understand the desire to RUSH. There are days where I just miss being boo'd up or holding hands down the street with someone. It is the simple things I long for that make me impatient. Yet I stop and think. I think about all the things I waited for in life and how awesome they were when I finally achieved them. For some reason I can't help but feel compelled to wait for the one. When we meet, I can't wait to blog all the sappy crap about how I'm so in love yada yada yada..... HAHA BUT until then I want inspire you. Stand firm in what you believe in despite what the masses around you say or do. If God is leading you in a direction, go toward it boldly. He will bless you for your obedience. Where you fall, his grace is ever sufficient, trust him. He works everything for your good.

Be encouraged,
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