Nibble On This

I once heard this question posed before a group of youth. After a long day at school, would you like to come home to a quick, cold McDonalds set on the table or would you wait extra time for the best home cooked meal made from your grandmother?  Every one yelled in agreement the home cooked meal. They began to talk about the best southern meal they ever had. Most descriptions included mouth watering southern fried chicken, mash potatoes, collards, black eye peas, and peach cobbler. In comparison to a burger made without love, the home made meal seemed like a peace of heaven.

Now, when it comes to choosing the better meal, the choice seems so easy, but let's complicate the comparison. The one for you, your soul mate, is like the home cooked meal. They are made with love and TOTALLY worth waiting for. Those who you just utilize to fulfill temporary needs are like your fast foods. They are okay as a temporary fix, but not memorable and you could definitely pass on it knowing there is a better meal awaiting you.

OK, so human relationships are not as simple as picking a meal. I know this. What I am trying to point out is that there is a gift in waiting and not rushing into numerous pointless relationships. Fast food in excess, can lead to excessive weight gain, lack of energy, feeling unsatisfied, and cost you a lot of money in the long run. Fast and failing relationships may have much greater consequences. These include bitterness, emptiness, lack of trust, and many more. I don't have to elaborate on the horrors of multiple bad relationships. You don't want to carry this baggage, which can potentially cause problems when you finally meet someone who is worth committing to.

WAIT FOR YOUR HOME-COOKED MEAL. HAHA...and If YOU'RE the PERSON who represents the home cooked meal, the one worth the wait.. don't get weary in well doing 
(Gal 6:9). If you see people passing a great thing up, they obviously don't deserve your time. They probably would not appreciate a person of value if it slapped them in the face.



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