How To Be The Girl EVERYONE Wants

"Gabs got the juice!" How many times have I heard this statement.  In other words, this slang phrase means, "she has numerous suitors and her phone is never 'dry'".


People look at me and think to themselves I'm sure she has plenty of guys and goes on plenty of dates, but those who REALLY know me, understand this is not the case.

Ok yes, plenty of guys like me, but it is pointless. I am not looking to be the most wanted woman. I'm looking to be an example of what a good woman looks like, and in my attempts to honor God with my body through purity, have found great interest from men. You're probably thinking, "HOW IRONIC! You mean to tell me men want you because not putting out and seriously behaving as a good girl gets you lots of attention?"

YEP! You don't have to be easy to be wanted.

LISTEN. I'm not attempting to brag about how many times I get hit on or anything like that, I am simply trying to set up a solid preface to what I would like to share in today's blog. 

What I have experienced is that plenty of men ask me for my number and attempt to hang out because they are intrigued, beguiled maybe, inquisitive, or attracted to how odd I am. They've heard the rumors that I don't  "put out" , and can't believe I really am a 'good girl' so they want to see for themselves.  For the few who do appreciate my strong values, they seem intimidated and feel as if they don't measure up when we begin to date.  I don't have the 'juice' aka real suitors who are marrying potential. I just have guys that are up for a challenge and then soon realize I am not a game. They learn early on that I practice what I preach on this blog and then leave me alone because they don't want to adhere to the standards. Im glad they do leave because it means they are not the one for me. Yet, what I have seen, because I stand out,  is that I am approached quite often and I have been proposed to (jokingly of course) more times than I can count.  I mean sure they probably think I am an attractive girl, but honestly there are plenty of BAD women in the world. I truly believe a lot of the attraction comes from men knowing they need a good woman in their life and fall in love with those qualities rather than just looks.

I am sharing this because...

According to the media, hottest teen mags, blogs, movies, etc., the girls with the best body, crazy kissing ability, and precise flirting expertise always get the guys. She is sexy, attractive, and great in bed. Everyone wants her because they know she is not too difficult to get into bed with and they get cool points from the guys for being able to get with her.

The easy girl has all the juice but no one wants to take her home to meet mom. The one who is marriage material seems so lonely because most men are getting their lives together and know they can't approach her seriously until they are mature enough to handle a good thing. She is not lonely, she is just preserved.

THE POINT OF THIS BLOG is that you don't have to be FAST to get all the guys. BE HARD TO GET! IF YOU ARE WORTH MARRYING, SHOW IT. Don't portray yourself as the easy target for a guys temporary fulfillment. Not only does it leave you broken but provides a false sense of self worth in a young lady. You are precious to GOD....ACT LIKE IT. Then the man for you will  RISE UP amongst the crowd and one day show you he's ready as God's prince to treat you like an absolute princess.


but Im gabbing…again...XO,
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