Love or Lust? The Dramatic Story

Yup. He is fine.

The way he looks at you does more than make your heart skip a beat. Your face turns red, you can't seem to keep cool, and for the first time in a very long time you wouldn't mind if this guy hit on you. He's the type of guy you wouldn't second guess giving your number to. You guys start dating and you find out he is suave, charming, and almost a perfect gentlemen. He even goes to church most Sundays. You make sure you are THE BADDEST chick walking planet earth when you are with him because he has that much stature. You want everyone to know you're his, and he's yours. You've decided your best option is to not have sex with this guy until you know it is right. Right, meaning until he has 'put a ring on it'. You want him to understand you're more than a fling and you're definitely worth marrying. He has a keen eye for nice things so he doesn't need to test the waters to know that if he waits for you and makes you his wife that it would be an amazing decision for him. He knows deep down inside it would all be worth it.

Here is where the story gets crazy..

He knows your worth but can't get over being selfish. He honestly feels like women have made it so easy ..why should he cater to your desire to wait? A million women could be in your shoes. He is dishonest in the fact that he isn't really looking for love, but for lust and sex. And because we live in a society that tells everyone frivolous sex is alright and beneficial for providing pleasure therefore, he sees nothing wrong with his ways. He begins to add up the money spent, time wasted, conversations with his boys and decides to pressure you because "a man has needs". You become the object that is to fulfill those needs and no longer a prized and respectable woman worth true love and genuine affection.

What do you do?

Try to get over him by running away as fast as you can?  Do you give in to his crazy good looks and heart melting smile in hopes that you will eventually get a perfect love story? Truth is.. if you want to date God's way, it's okay to wait. You are capable through Christ and fully equipped to not fall into lust. You can find true love. Why would God ask you to wait if it looks like no one around us is waiting? His grace is sufficient for those who choose not to, but the truth is that the consequences aren't always worth the action. We keep ourselves from so much MESS when we wait. Patience is not something we like to walk in, in the 21st century. Everything is better, faster, and more efficient than the year before. We want popcorn relationships that just pop up and flourish without any work or process to them. TOO BAD PEOPLE AREN'T POPCORN. So what if it seems like everybody is in a relationship! Are they all good ones? Are they all happy?

I'm just posing a question. When is the last time lust helped you through a hard time? Has lust ever produced a meaningful and lasting relationship? Has lust ever provided you the satisfaction you needed to fill the empty spaces in your life/heart? If you can answer yes to all of these things, maybe I'm wrong... but if your answer is no, then choose love over lust.  Work toward longevity  and producing meaningful relationships. God's ways is always the best way when you stop looking at the  temporary and the right now. He sees your future, knows where you're headed, and provides wise council to keep you on the right track. Listen.

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