The Notebook

I remember sitting in a class in high school and a student began to make fun of me. She talked about my overly modest clothes and soft spoken demeaner. I didn't flirt with the guys, I was a "goody two shoes", but I didn't mind it at all. Not one bit. She said to me "I bet I will get married before you do. Who would want a girl like you? I bet guys would never talk to you!" Her words stung slightly. I mean I've watched all of the great romantic films that give girls a dream of a fairytale love. Hearing this mean girl's words made me wonder..WHAT IF I NEVER FIND THE ONE? Long story short, she gained a reputation of being 'fast' and I was still the "good girl". I knew I didn't need to change one bit because the values my mother taught me would protect me. Ironically, I was the girl the guys called "wifey", with my overly modest clothes and she was popularly used as their short term experience. She also never gained a title, no one even called her their girlfriend.  

Now, I was not confused as to why this girl made her comments, nor was I confused as to why boys tore her viewpoint of me down.  She was under the impression that parading her body around like a piece of meat in high school would get a guy to love, respect, adore, and eventually marry her. I knew physical attraction might get a guy's attention, but it surely won't keep him. Like anything that needs to grow, there must be deep roots in order for it to flourish. A flowers lovely petals are the result of deep roots that can not be seen. In order for a relationship to grow, there has to be something more than physical attraction. YOU HAVE TO HAVE SUBSTANCE and so does the fellow you decide to entertain. That is why guys liked me. It wasn't because I was the prettiest girl, it was because they knew I had qualities that would make me a good wife and mother.  I am a woman with substance.

You might be wondering, "Hey Gabby?..Where is your man since you know so much?"  LOL Well like the flowers need time to grow, the ONE guy who is suppose to admire me hasn't grown into the realization of where his rose is located yet (hahaha). I am not worried about getting married, finding the one, or proving to anyone that I'm date-able. All I can do is continue to give God the glory as his created being. I am sure that my life is in God's hands. I want to encourage you, if you are longing for your "Notebook", "Titanic", "A Walk to Remember", "Bonnie and Clyde" or "Cinderella" love story, then let it go and let God.  He is the best writer of a love story and it will be a realistic one.  Wait for your story to unfold with me. If you have found the one (lucky you) share this blog with one of your single friends! xoxoxo hahah!!!

Love you,
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