My First Day

“I am writing to all of you in Rome who are loved by God…” Romans 1:7

I  planned my first day of school outfit for weeks. I walked onto the bus oddly shy, but confident at the same time. I was sure I looked great in my outfit, but I was extremely intimidated by the older kids on the bus. As the bus picked up the last student and veered into the school bus lane, I was completely stunned. The kids outside running off the buses looked exactly like an episode of Degrassi.  How could my reality look like a TV show? I had never seen exact replicas of TV middle school stereotypes. There were the pretty cheerleaders hanging with the jocks. I noticed the nerd clique, the “emo” kids, band geeks, and cool kids. I wondered where I would fit in... but before I could even finish my thought, I took three steps off the bus and I toppled over my sneakers. 

PETRIFIED, I could not believe I fell. A nice 8th grader grabbed my arm and said, "are you okay?" while others shook their head in shame. I thought to myself well at least no one laughed. I was so embarrassed. That day was simply a foreshadow of my entire school year.  Although I was clumsy and uncoordinated, one thing I remember never doubting was Gods love for me. In those middle school kids eyes, I was not the prettiest, smartest, or coolest but I knew to God I was everything. I woke up every morning and read my bible in order to remind myself to stay grounded in him. Seriously , I had to sit and almost have a pep talk directly from God before my school day. It was not because I feared bullies or even hated school, I actually loved it. I just simply learned at a young age the importance of taking God with you everywhere. Having him get you in the right frame of mind before the day begins is imperative to living at peace in a stressful world. 

When I was left out of conversations or party invites I never walked the halls in shame because I knew I had a father who loved me. YOU KNOW WHAT’S CRAZY about walking in the confidence the father gives?  People can’t help but to notice your inner strength. Slowly but surely everyone who talked about me or noticed I didn’t fit in embraced the light that I always emitted. Although it was difficult to not be a part of the in-crowd at first, I noticed the in-crowd eventually drew to me. By the time 8th grade year rolled around, everyone in school knew who I was. They accepted me and I was no longer embarrassed when students yelled “Hey, Gospel Gabby!” in the hallway. (Hahaha) 

Those terms became terms of endearment. I was class president , had tons of friends, and many memories of sharing Christ love with people who at one time tried to overlook me. I love this scripture in Romans that describes the Gentiles or non-Jews being  loved by God.  It shows me that the good things God thinks about us, the everlasting love he constantly shares with us..can over flow and bless others. When we fully accept his absolute love for us it changes our lives and positively affects the lives of those around us. STOP looking down on yourself and where you see lack. Trust that when God looks at you his child and he sees favor. He sees his perfect son Jesus who covers and justifies us back to God. He sees beauty in you. So believe better of yourself, and the world will believe it too.

Love Love and more Love,