I Hate Dating

I hate dating. I hate it because the world is messed up in so many ways, and the one thing that can make this walk through life a little easier, love......is so tainted. I hate the media. It paints love and relationships in movies and tv shows as this illustrious experience filled with sex and romance but in reality, this is so far from the truth. Especially when you are trying to date Gods way, if there even is a "godly" way to date. Dating is so dumb.. I doubt God wants any part in it. (I am salty right now, yes.)

Anyway, I have tried to go about dating the way society says you should find a guy, and it's completely stupid. Let me tell you how people in their twenties date. You meet someone and exchange numbers, then extreme texting back and forth ensues. Eventually, you guys meet up to "chill". I have never liked the chilling aspect because that costs a guy nothing to sit and watch TV in his living room. So if you’re like me, then you go out on first dates. The first date is when you get to know each other on a friendly level, and then if you guys still like each other at the end of it (haha) the dating process begins. You slowly start allowing each other into each others lives.

Here is the problem. After a certain amount of time is invested, eventually someone falls for the other or both may fall, but then the next step of making a commitment to each other is so hard or unheard of to do. When you are attempting to date Gods way, if the other person does not feel the necessity to place God and SELF CONTROL in the center of the commitment, things can be difficult.  Commitment or being "boyfriend and girlfriend"  these days is often sealed with sex, if that was not already taking place beforehand. That is against Gods word because he asks us to save SEX FOR MARRIAGE. What I have watched happen in relationships that partake in pre-marital sex is this; if things don’t work out with that person, then the healing process is often longer once you have shared intimacy with one another. It is also harder to let go of someone who is wrong for you after sleeping with them because you can not think clearly. The decision making process is clouded by the intense emotions you have resulting from sex. There is also the possibility of comparing your future lover to your ex, and your body count increases. In this era, many confuse or correlate sex with love and it is so wrong to say that they are one in the same.

Lastly, those obvious hazards, such as the possibility of contracting an STD, or unplanned pregnancy with someone you have no intention on staying with, can happen when you have sex outside of a faithful marriage. It’s difficult to date for women like me because if you are living this “PURITY” thing out for real, then you can’t offer sex as seal for a possible relationship.  Then the guy usually breaks up with or begins to avoid the “good girl” who's waiting. I have often been the one to end things first, but it hurts just the same as if they cut you off first. Then the dating process starts all over again with a different person and the same issues.

Now, with that being said, I have decided to do something different. I have decided to do something I like to call " The Ministry of Finding a Mate". It is hilarious to me to coin my new plan as that, but I trust that it will be the best plan for where I am in life. I have a good feeling it could help others in a day and age where dating is so frivolously done. Dating has become a simple past time and not a respectable way to find a lifetime partner.  The ministry of finding a mate is simple, there are only two steps; be patient and pray. TOO EASY RIGHT?!  Well, it’s better than dating a bunch of people and feeling like you never win in the dating field.

BUILD YOUR BRAND, FIND A CAREER, TAKE UP A CAUSE, WORK ON YOU, SOLVE A WORLD ISSUE, while you patiently wait. When you look up from all of your work and see someone who is working just as passionate on their dreams on the other side, and you guys can assist each other in reaching goals..... TA DA! Become great friends and see if it buds into love. All I am asking is that we as millennials change the way we date. Let’s stop practicing divorce by jumping in and out of relationships and take time to enjoy the company of another human without breaking hearts. There are enough broken things in the world, let’s stop promoting something that produces more broken people. Dating is so stupid.

Song of Songs 3:5..Do not awaken love until its time