So, You're Single On Valentines Day?

I was sitting in my room praying one day, when I began to say out loud, “Lord use me.” I was alone. There was no audience, no worship leader goading me, or pastor preaching a sermon on being a willing vessel. The lord pressed it on my heart to say again, a prayer I prayed as a child, “Lord I’m available to you, use me.”

At this point in my life, I had made different career plans, pursued different things, chose people I wanted to date and pretty much forgot just a little bit of the reason GOD placed me here on earth.

We are here for his divine purpose. 

 I was living for myself. I was fitting God into my plans and not accepting the fact that he is THE PLAN. His purpose and vision for my life is the best thing I could ever accept. He made us out of love, for love so why doubt his perfect plan for our lives?

He didn’t create us to waste our time going through the motions, and then die unfulfilled. He didn’t place us here to live for our flesh, create our own paths, or to live like the world tells us to. Ya’ll society doesn’t have all the answers. It’s fickle, fleeting, and lacks substance. You will live eternally unsatisfied, if the world, and the media is your guide through life. The bible says God can and will do exceedingly and abundantly beyond what we could ask or think. We have to get out of the way and allow him to work.

It is such a great feeling to surrender.

The enemy tries to convince us that living life how we want is freedom. The word says living for sin makes one in bondage to sin, like a slave! Only in Christ do we have true freedom. I believe that, I live it. When we seek Gods will for our lives through reading the word and praying, we have a bond with the savior that gives us the liberty to ask him to show us the next step and he will gladly show us.  His plan is perfect. Even when life is hard, I never feel alone or completely overcome by any situation. The lord always has my back and helps me in every situation.

He is always leading and guiding us toward the best plans for our life, do we listen?


Maybe you are single, maybe you are not? The point is, right now wherever you are in your life. God wants to use you. He loves his children to have success, to live victoriously, and to lead others to him so they can live a life worth living as well.

Your life is MORE than having a boyfriend or girlfriend. Your life means so much more than what you acquire on a man-made holiday. He has a plan. If right now you are single, enjoy and be content in that. When he brings you the person you’re supposed to be with, you don’t want to look back and say I was miserable the whole time I was single. You need to be able to find joy in your singleness! Your life should be filled with so much joy and purpose, that the one you marry simple adds to that! Like a cherry on top to an already perfectly good cake.

Let me tell my business real quick.

There was this one year I was so pressed to not be alone on Valentine's Day, I met this man who I started dating probably a month and some change before Valentine’s day came around.(Of course I wasn't dating him JUST to have a valentine, I actually liked him.) I was clearly overly excited to have someone to buy a gift for and for him to plan a romantic date. Long story short as excited as I was leading up to V-day, he completely ignored my enthusiasm and to be honest purposely made it the worst Valentines Day I ever had. (hahah) Although we had been on plenty of other pretty good dates, and he always said he was excited to be dating me, for some reason he said he wasn’t feeling me that much anymore. I think he was not accustomed ‘give and take’ while dating. He wanted to take and be catered too, not give and spoil his significant other. This dude chose Valentine ’s Day to share that. He even went as far as to saying that the terrible date we had, and the extremely cheap gift he bought was a big step for him. (I am crying laughing, I spent so much time/money on his gift. I even bought a new outfit for our date, and even got my hair laid!) Bruh, a big step? I went on better dates in high school school..that’s how bad our date was. All those years I was single on Valentines I had a fabulous time, I wished I had done the same this particular year. (Lol!) See what happens when you are not content, you settle and force things?

NOW, I make an effort to be content at all times. Paul in Philippians 4:11 said; for I have learned to be content regardless of my circumstances.

This is my goal; peace, contentment, and joy in Christ, throughout all circumstances, stages, and areas of my life.

Now that I’m in a happy relationship I just try to remain grateful, always. Plus, my man makes a genuine effort on holidays that I can’t help but appreciate.

Today, I encourage you to let God love you! Live your life to the fullest! Accept his perfect plan for your life and surrender to his will. I promise you it’s the best decision you’ll ever make in your life. You are worthy of love. Don’t feel bad or hopeless if this is the season Gods showing how to love yourself. That’s a beautiful time in your life between you and God. Enjoy it.  God loves when we find sole contentment in him.

Happy Valentine’s Day !


Gabrielle BoothComment