How Do I know I Have Found The One?

When I got closer to God my eyes were opened and I realized who was the one for me. -Josh

I asked the question, how do men know when they’ve found the one?

 Most men say they just know, or she wasn’t like the rest. This gentleman said God showed him.

I love that because when Adam and Eve were in the Garden, “…. the Lord God made a woman from the rib he had taken out of the man, and he brought her to the man.” Genesis 2: 22 He revealed to Adam who his spouse was, Eve.

God gives us a sense of knowing, that resonates on the inside when we’ve found our “person”. C’mon now, we all know men need extra help when it comes to the opposite sex (ha-ha) so God made sure in his design that they get an extra nudge when they’ve found their wife. They feel that ‘nudge’ a whole lot better when they are in tune with God.

This is the reason you hear men say things like, “I thought I’d be a bachelor forever until God showed me who I needed to marry”. Not only does he show them but he helps them desire to want that person as well.

God revealed to Adam who his mate was. The word says, of course he wasn’t suitable for other created beings like the animals, so he had a special person fashioned compatible to Adam, and well-matched to his wants and needs (visa versa).

When my dad met my mom, he said he saw her in the choir stand and a thought came to his mind “that’s my wife”. My mom confirmed that early on when they started dating, “she saw him as well and felt like they were meant to be.” She said while he pursued her, it was so right that it was as if they knew each other all along. 

The bible says, “He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the LORD.” Proverbs 18:22 The treasure that a woman is, she should be sought after by the man God reveals is supposed to pursue her.

Ladies you are the prize. Prizes worth having are not easy to acquire. Know your worth. Make these men work. They value what they must put time and effort into.

I am not saying women should never show interest and men should toil night and day to get our attention. There’s a balance. This is how many church women stay single, they think a man will fall out the sky into their lap with a ring. No sis. Look nice, smell good, be healthy, and confident so that you attract all that you are. Enjoy your life! Make him feel like he’d be an asset to your already happy existence. Present yourself as available and listen to the Holy Ghost. If he’s a good man be nice to him and let him pursue! Ladies, you won’t find a man hiding behind your insecurities. Be honest and open especially if he makes you feel comfortable to do so. You won't find your man drowning in desperation, or even in acting like you don’t need a man. We know the story of Ruth in the bible. When she found her Boaz, her hero, she presented herself ready for a spouse and he obliged. He pursued her because she presented herself as a good woman ready and open to love.

The point I am making is, many of us wouldn’t go through so much in our dating life if we’d let God speak to the men in our lives and if we’d listen to God’s wisdom that he impresses on our hearts. God knows whats best for us, shouldn't we search his heart to find out what we need? He is in love with you and excited about every area of your life, including who you date/marry.

Honor God in this, ask him who you should marry. Allow him to speak and when he does listen. If he says no, go! Leave that person in peace. If he says stay, obey.

  If you've found the one....Aye, go get that ring and marry your godly woman sir! Hey girl, soften your heart let that good man love you!

XO, Gab


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