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We are the generation of the dreamers. We live in a time where no matter how outlandish your dream may be, you can find a way to make it happen. I mean literally it is as easy as simply being pretty, holding up some product on IG, and next thing you know you're a millionaire. NO extreme effort, just God given looks and great lighting can get you far. It's crazy, but its our time! lol  We use technology for our benefit and have so much success! We gain a bunch of followers on some type of social media, make a product, get followers to buy it and somehow miraculously start a lucrative business from the comfort of our home. With great access to information, people, and networks, we have  the ability to acquire way more than generations past if we know how to use our social advancements to our benefit. Yet, with our easy accesses comes a great responsibility. That responsibility is to find a way to cause our dream to come into reality unhindered by the lack of a blueprint from generations before us. Secondly, we have a responsibly to use our purpose for the greater good.


You might ask first, how do I make it happen (my dream) and two, what does it matter if I do something for the greater good?

Lets start with how to make it happen:

1. Write it out. The bible says,"write the vision". Why? Because when you write it out, you formulate a focal point to cater all your actions toward being intentional about accomplishing your goals. Write out your dream, give yourself clarity.

 2. Make a plan. Stick to the plan, tweak it some, but most of all have it.

3. Do not delay. Who knows what direction the world is going in? What we are sure about is that you have something inside of you the world needs. DO IT!

4. Pray that the right doors open. The bible says, "seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all of these things will be added unto you!" SEEK THE LORD, get in that word, and seek help from those who are wise if need be!

5. Make moves. Learn about what you are embarking upon, ask the questions, send random networking emails, but just don't sit on your hands.

Why worry about the greater good?

Believe it or not we are in a war. The day and age we live in often reminds me of the cartoons depictions of a battle between good and evil.  Negative images and occurrences are happening everyday in our country and world, which can cause people or even you to fear, worry, or lose hope. But if you use your platform, business, or idea for the greater good then you are fulfilling your purpose and furthermore, fighting against the evils of this age! God created you to receive LOVE (his son Jesus) and then share it with the world the best way you know how!

We have to be fearless against adversity, for in the end evil will fail and we will win! Our success is not just for ourselves it is for others and it pleases GOD to have success its a testament to his goodness!


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