One slap and it was all she wrote. The two girls were rolling around, pulling hair, and stomping on egos. You could call it the derogatory term “cat fight” and say it was similar to one of those fights on “Bad Girls Club”.  One girl yelled “We don’t have to do this”, while the other screamed, “***** I hate you!” The two young ladies fighting were way beyond the age of school yard fist fights. They were grown women. They were old enough to acquire jobs, a mortgage, and maybe a husband/kid or two.
Humans and human nature never cease to amaze me. What brings two people to the verge of fighting? My guess and calculated answer would be gossip, pride, and un-checked egos. I am appalled at how no matter how old we get, many “adults” still produce child-like behavior. They pick at people, seek revenge, hit back when they are pushed, and spread rumors to defame someone’s name. I work with  9-12 year olds every day and this behavior sounds way too familiar.Why don’t people grow up? Why does “an eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth” seem so embedded into our psyche, making us assume we must physically hurt those who verbally abuse us? In the case of the altercation aforementioned, one young lady was extremely jealous of the other and wanted to render bodily harm in order to release her aggression. 
There are a few scriptures I love that state:
·         “Bless those who curse you.”  Romans 12:14
·         “Love your enemies.”  Matt  5:44
·         "If your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him something to drink. In doing this, you will heap burning coals on his head." Romans 12:20
GOD surely TAKES CARE OF HIS CHILDREN THAT ARE TREATED WRONG, AND HE KNOWS HOW TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR ENEMIES AS WELL. You don’t have to fight to win your battles with people that don’t like you. I mean, a tongue lashing is needed here or there, but it should be one that is beneficial and not for appeasing of your SELFISH pride.
God has shown me NUMEROUS TIMES that he will take care of me if I let him and not try to get revenge on my own. One funny occasion God showed me he had my back was in 7th grade.  Gabby in 7th grade was hilarious. I had no style, I was super friendly and often the brunt of many jokes because I was so different. I was not cool nor considered a pretty girl until high school, BUT I was always popular for being “outlandish” lol. I was the “super saint” and everyone called me church girl. One day on the bus I was talking to a person in the seat next to me. A girl who I normally never had issues with stood up and yelled at me,  “Shut the #### up!”  I couldn’t believe she was talking to me, so I said, “Who are you talking to?” She proceeded to tell me that it was me she was referring to, and if I had a problem she could fix it. The entire bus yelled “oooh she told you”. I sat quietly for a second turned around and continued with my conversation. The girl did not lay a finger on me and everyone was shocked I held my composure.  

God was glorified. Those students rarely saw a person utilize self -control. I walked off of the bus at my stop, and as I entered my house I began to pray. I said, “Lord you know I can’t fight, I don’t want to fight, and I don’t need to fight. Can you just help miss crazy girl and help ya girl Gabby out from this bully. ” Well, the next day they girl was not on the bus. The next week she was not on the bus and finally, someone noticed and said, "where is 'so and so'?” A boy yelled, “oh she moved last weekend!” Literally, a day or two after I prayed she moved. You may call it coincidence, but I call it divine intervention! HAHA.

Stories like this happened and still happen all the time. I mean all of the outcomes aren’t people moving away, but I have plenty more stories that I could share.  My goal in sharing this blog is to tell you LET GOD FIGHT YOUR BATTLES. He gives a way better outcome to your situations than you can. Don’t fall into the world’s idea of handling those who treat you wrong.
Our job is to trust our creator to protect and uplift us while we become a beacon light for our haters.
God has got your back and will NEVER FAIL YOU. TRUST HIM!
Love, Gabs
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