Why He Broke Your Heart

I remember telling a guy that I really liked, right before I stopped dating him, "I've never had my heart broken and you wont be the first". The truth is...I have had my heart broken before, but the severity of losing some one I cared for was never that bad due to Gods help in protecting my heart (Proverb 4:23). I took each relationship in stride and only gave a little of my heart at a time. For example, I knew it was important to keep some secrets to myself because secrets make you closer with someone, and everyone really doesn't deserve to be that close to me. Some people won't take care of your heart like you know it should be taken care of, so don't dive in emotionally so soon. Treasures never lay above ground waiting for you to spot them, they have to be dug out from deep within the earth. Your heart should be a treasure, only those who spend the time and effort should be able to reach it. I'm not talking about playing hard to get, I'm talking about being adamant about protecting your heart. Choose wisely who you give your heart to. Unfortunately, that is something people don't think enough about doing.

For those who have unfortunately been deeply heart broken, I feel for you. The pains in your chest, the lack of desire to eat, the sadness, and loneliness is all TEMPORARY. What's crazy is thinking that you'll never get over that person, because it is so untrue. You can definitely move on. If you don't torture yourself with what if's, scroll through old pics, and continuously bring that old flame up in conversation, you can get over it. I love the quotes that say," if it was meant to be it will be" and "don't worry about what could've and should've happened, because if it was meant to happen it would've." They are so true. As a believer, if you trust God to write your love story, then he will make sure you meet the right man at the right time and vice versa. When I look at friends I have consoled over the years who dealt with heart break, the hardest thing to get over is the memories. It's driving around town and seeing all of the places you used to go to and hearing a song and it reminding you of a time you both shared together, enjoying it. What is wild is the effect these memories have on the body. They can change your mood completely, if you let them. 

Stay away from questioning as well. The biggest question we ask ourselves when we are heartbroken is why. We ask why they left, why we had to leave, why couldn't we have worked it out, and the greatest question of all...why did this happen to me? Really, these why's are a waste of time if you know deep down inside it was a losing situation that should've ended. If you know you are the reason it ended (cheating, selfishness, etc.), then learn from your mistakes, apologize if you feel led to, and take strides to move on. Beyond being sad after a break up, I often feel a sense of peace. It's like a great exhale. Ahhh it's over. Finally. I don't have to fight this war I was having inward anymore or outward with the person i'm having issues with. If someone broke your heart, stay out of your own head and enter into the mindset that God will work it all out for you.

Ladies, know your worth. Don't ever let a man make you feel less than. You are a daughter of a King, deeply loved by God, and worth someone treating you right. STOP ACCEPTING LESS FROM THESE FELLAS BECAUSE YOU WANT SOMEBODY.  REALLY, MEN ONLY GO AS FAR AS YOU ALLOW.  SO EXPECT MORE FROM THOSE YOU DATE, HAVE STANDARDS!

Men who are reading, who you know how to treat a woman and you haven't found the right one yet, don't worry we are getting ourselves together. *wink* I'm bringing up this conversation so that we can all treat each other better in relationships! We are forgetting how to love and acting so selfishly and hurtful to one another. While I encourage my sisters to grow and think differently about dating, you fellas should go ahead and do the same.  Grow, push yourselves to be an example for the men that will eventually date your daughters! We'd greatly appreciate it:)

With Love,