You're Growing and It's Great! A Message for the Fearless! -Day 5

The beauty of having a savior is we never walk life's journey alone. 

He is a constant lover , protector , and confidant . There is nothing we face he will not be our defender , lawyer , and way maker. Unfortunately satan, the father of lies attempts to convince us that God will somehow fail us. What's funny is he isn't even Gods equal. So the validity of what the enemy says is non-existent. He is not omnipresent nor is he all knowing. He doesn’t have even close to the amount of power God has. What he does have is the ability to convince us to give away our authority. He does this by tempting us to believe his lies. Only we can relinquish our power -he can't take it . He whispers thoughts of doubt that we won't win, be better than the last time, or become greater than past mistakes.  Yet, we must make the choice to no longer be confined or led by fear or his lies. Those false ideals we sometimes take hold of, are so small and insignificant but seem to roar so loud.

Today, I encourage you to let fear go! Tell yourself you will no longer be held captive by your past, your negative thoughts, or even the non-affirming thoughts placed on you by those around you. You are more than what society says you are and even greater than what you sometimes think of yourself . God didn't die for a nobody he died for a somebody and you can't afford to take his sacrifice for granted. he is so in love with you . His plan for you is so mind blowing so focus on that! Nothing can hold you back when you trust Christ and remain fearless!

Hey! You’ve got this and You’re a winner!

2 Timothy 1:For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.



Gabrielle BoothComment